Victor Collins

When I was five years old, my grandmother and I used to look into the flames of a fire and be able to give messages from what we saw. I am also able to see things before they happen and have had premonitions about things that at the time I did not know the meaning of. Messages come to me at all times, when I’m in sleep state, when I’m sitting down or out walking and these can be about things that have or are about to happen.

I have done readings for many years now but the clairvoyance I use on the platform, I have only been doing for a couple of years. It is nice to be able to help people know that their loved ones are always around and to be able to say “there is life after life” Vic Collins.

Vic is helped through his spirituality and mediumship by spirit guides, he is lucky to be blessed with having two guides, both of whom are very famous and highly influential people. One of his guides is a well known comedian but we are going to keep you in suspense about who it is. It is not hard to work it out if you watch Vic at work as some of his movements mimic this comedians act, he also gets some of his fantastic sense of humor from this guide.


chief_sitting_bullThe other guide is a Native American Indian, probably one of the most famous. It is Chief Sitting Bull. We don’t need to say anything more about him as his name surpasses him as well as his heritage and beliefs.

For the time being….

At the moment Vic and Hazel are concentrating most of their efforts in getting the church up and running but while they are doing this, Vic is still continuing to travel the country and help others with his gift. But soon we hope to be able to add Vic’s up and coming events to the calendar so that others may attend his meetings elsewhere to see him in his “full glory”.