Our Church

Spiritual Light Within
Victory Memorial Hall
St Marys Place
St Andrews

Founders of the church Victor and Hazel Collins founded the church of Spiritual Light Within as recent as 15th May 2010 and this is a new venture for both of them.

This is a non profit organization but the aim is to become listed as a charity but until the listing is completed, any monies raised over and above running costs will voluntarily be divided between 3 charities at the end of the year. The charities will be chosen one by one, with choices from Victor Collins, Hazel Nicholson and the final one being chosen by members of the church, a majority vote decides.

As time goes on…..

As the church grows and develops with the help of good friends and the aid and support of fantastic mediums and clairvoyants, Vic and Hazel hope to bring fresh hope to others around them. They hope to be able to start a development circle where people who know and people who don’t know about their “gifts” are able to develop them further so that they too may be able to help others around them.

For the time being….

At the moment Vic and Hazel are concentrating most of their efforts in getting the church up and running but while they are doing this, Vic is still continuing to travel the country and help others with his gift. But soon we hope to be able to add Vic’s up and coming events to the calendar so that others may attend his meetings elsewhere to see him in his “full glory”.